Téléverbier opts for Dynamic Pricing with Pricenow

January 13, 2020
Téléverbier SA is once again proving to be dynamic: together with Pricenow, the mountain railway company has successfully started its first winter with a dynamic pricing model.

After a comprehensive analysis of visitor behaviour and in-depth data evaluation, we were able to develop a precise pricing model for this year's winter season. As a first step, the dynamic pricing spectrum covers all products in the Verbier and La Tzoumaz Savoleyres sectors. In addition, sleigh and pedestrian tickets will also be subject to the new pricing model and will therefore be priced based on demand in particular.

«In this way we want to achieve a consistent implementation of dynamic prices for all winter products in the relevant sector. With the introduction of the new pricing strategy together with Pricenow, we want to use the latest technical possibilities to optimally map the willingness to pay of our various target groups.» Carole Moos, Sales Director Téléverbier

Accordingly, the Pricenow Pricing Engine can map an individual pricing model for each type of product and person. This enables better coordination of price management with actual demand, but also offers more scope for the implementation of specific pricing strategies of the ski resort or marketing measures, such as the promotion of a specific product type. Targeted price controls should better take into account the behaviour and demand patterns of ski customers and provide optimal incentives. Thus, the pricing project was not only about introducing dynamic pricing, but also about comprehensive price optimization, which was jointly developed.

The project also sets new standards in the area of technical implementation. The interface integration of the Pricenow Pricing Engine was successfully implemented in cooperation with the access system provider SKIDATA and the webshop provider E-Liberty.

«With our new Dynamic Pricing interface, Pricenow's Price Engine is fully integrated with the ski resort's cash register system. This enables a smooth real-time query of dynamic prices for every ski ticket booking on a completely automated basis. This makes the whole pricing process much more convenient for ski resorts.» Jean-Claude Constantin, Managing Partner SKIDATA Suisse Romande

In addition to the connection to SKIDATA, the E-Liberty web shop was also directly connected to the interface of the Pricenow Engine.

«It is important to us that even ski resorts with an existing web shop can use our expertise for pricing and data analysis services. Therefore, we also provide external webshop providers with an integration option. We see this as a long-term advantage, as we have now, for example, built up great know-how for future projects for all E-Liberty customers and can create real added value.» Reto Trachsel, CEO Pricenow

All parties are satisfied with the successful launch of the new pricing model at the end of October. We would like to thank Téléverbier, SKIDATA and E-Liberty for their positive project work. After a successful Christmas season, the next winter months can now begin dynamically.

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