«The dynamic price strategy enabled us to increase our sales and at the same time increase customer loyalty»
– Thomas Rechberger, CFO, Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG

Dynamic Pricing

We pay the same attention to your company’s prizes that you deserve due to your outstanding importance as the most important profit driver. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and the use of machine learning models, our pricing engine is able to take into account complex and multidimensional relationships between price and purchase decision. The pricing is continuously optimized with daily updated data, which sustainably increases sales and profits.

Advantages Dynamic Pricing

  • Sustainable sales increase
  • Daily, data-based price optimizations
  • Reduction of operating risk by recognizing sales as early as possible
  • Continuous control and intervention options through price management tool
  • Fully automated dynamic pricing software
  • Comprehensive price consulting by expert teams from Pricing, Data Science and IT

Your way to a dynamic pricing model

In four simple steps, we guide you through all phases to a successful, dynamic pricing model. In a strategy meeting we ensure that the price strategy is ideally aligned with your company positioning and goals. A detailed analysis of historical data and on-site market research serve as the basis for the development of a price model and the optimization of your product range. The final step is the technical implementation and integration into all relevant sales channels.

Fully automated Dynamic Pricing software

If you change thousands of prices every day, you need a fully automated solution. We not only deliver the concept, but also intelligent dynamic pricing software. At the same time, you always maintain complete control through various intervention options. We integrate our pricing software into the sales channels and interfaces which are relevant for you and provide competent support during the technical implementation.

Pricing advice

Getting ahead by thinking ahead. Together with you, we will break new ground. Through sound know-how and creativity we optimize your price management and create real added value for you and your customers. We will show you how to make the best use of various forms of price differentiation and ensure that the pricing strategy is ideally suited to your business objectives.

Data-based price optimization

With data-based decisions a reliable and precise price optimization is achieved. That is why we meticulously analyze your historical as well as current sales and usage data (Data Analytics). Using time series and machine learning models, we identify and quantify relevant sales and behavioral patterns of your customers. We incorporate these factors into our pricing algorithm, which enables us to create a tailor-made, optimal pricing model.

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