«Thanks to the joint effort, we have been able to improve our overall pricing significantly.»
– David Wyssen, CEO, Bellwald Sportbahnen

Mountain railways advantages

Stagnating visitor numbers and high fixed costs combined with strong fluctuations in numbers of guests pose great challenges for many mountain railways. Data-based pricing that takes into account both the forecast demand and the willingness to pay of the skiers and hikers helps to sustainably increase revenues. At the same time, online sales can be significantly increased through the right incentives.

Advantages with Pricenow

Data based price optimisation

Through an ideal combination of holistic price optimization, data analysis and eCommerce, we help our customers to achieve a sustainable increase in earnings and an improvement in internal processes.
  • With the introduction of dynamic pricing, the earnings situation can be sustainably increased. Our project experience to date can confirm sustainable improvements in average yield per ticket as well as in revenue development (+5% - +15%).
  • Dynamic prices also provide strong incentives for early booking behavior on the part of customers. This gives the guest a good feeling of having bought a ticket early and at an attractive price, and gives the mountain railroad improved planning security, regardless of the weather situation on the ski day itself.
  • Dynamic pricing also achieves exciting price differentiation and allows the mountain railroad to address different customer groups with different willingness to pay. Certain guests have a high willingness to pay, while others have a rather low willingness to pay. Static pricing cannot conclusively do justice to this heterogeneity of different guest groups.
  • Every mountain railway and every ski resort is individual, which is why we adapt the pricing strategy specifically for your company. This starts with a first strategy meeting where we clarify how the mountain railway is positioned and which goals should be pursued.
  • Demand is included on a daily basis across all sales outlets and prices are thus adjusted on an ongoing, data-based basis.
  • The jointly developed pricing model is built into the Pricenow Pricing Engine and integrated into the desired interfaces and the relevant sales channels. With our fully automated Dynamic Pricing software, ticket prices are easily and flexibly dynamized. Through various intervention options, however, you always retain complete control over all prices.
With the help of a systematic data analysis, a basis is created to significantly improve cost and customer management and to construct a successful pricing model. We analyze historical guest numbers to identify customer behavior and thus provide an optimal decision-making basis for optimizing operational processes and identifying revenue potential. With our on-site market research, we determine the buying behavior and willingness to pay of your customer segments so that optimal pricing can be developed.
Our user-friendly business intelligence tool provides your company with daily updated key figures and interactive evaluation options. So that resources can be optimally planned in your company, we also support you in this decision-making process with precise forecasts.With our customer analytics module, you evaluate your generated web store data with simplicity and get to know your customers better through high-dimensional clustering options.
  • Our webshop opens up a price-optimised sales platform for all products along the value chain of a mountain railway. Main and additional products are integrated in one shop and you can offer the products individually or as attractive bundles to your guests.
  • The webshop is connected with two valuable additional modules: Collected customer data can be directly processed by an integrated CRM system (Wilken) and used for targeted guest communication.
  • With the help of a comprehensive capacity management system, you can easily control and process the utilisation of your products, events, train journeys and table reservations, as well as easily sell them online at targeted time slots.
  • In addition, our Business Intelligence Tool provides you with all relevant business key figures daily for the analysis and evaluation of your current performance.
  • A comprehensive IT system concept enables you to seamlessly integrate all relevant services on one platform. The Pricenow Pricing Engine is imported into the webshop, where it is possible to offer dynamic, rule-based or fixed prices in the shop for different products.
  • The webshop allows you to book ski and cable car tickets and is therefore ideal for winter and summer business. All relevant third-party systems are compatible with the webshop and have already been successfully integrated.

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