La Clusaz SATELC introduces Dynamic Pricing as of this winter season 2020/21

September 28, 2020
La Clusaz Resort is introducing a dynamic pricing strategy in collaboration with Pricenow from this winter season 2020/21. As a pioneer among the French mountain railroads, La Clusaz is thus one of the first major ski resorts to launch dynamic pricing for ski tickets and is thus laying an important foundation stone for the long-term implementation of its forward-looking innovation and digitization strategy.

La Clusaz Resort has opted for a dynamic pricing strategy in order to develop further in the changing mountain railway industry. The new digital possibilities will strengthen the customer relationship and a dynamic pricing strategy will address different customer groups. With the experience of internationally renowned ski resorts such as St. Moritz or Verbier, Pricenow enters the French market and will start a collaboration with SATELC in the coming season. Pricenow's dynamic pricing solution is already extensively used in the Swiss mountain railroad and tourism industry and is being continuously developed.

«Dynamic pricing gives us the opportunity to address different customer groups and to reach guests with attractive ski ticket prices already in the pre-sales phase. At the same time, the pricing algorithm ensures that our price structure is sustainably optimized.» Jean-Christophe Hoff, Director of SATELC

After a comprehensive analysis of visitor behavior and historical data, a precise pricing model was developed for the upcoming winter season. Dynamic prices are given in a first step to the main product, the day ticket, as well as to the 4-hour ticket. The calculation of each price is based on several external factors and on a fully automated pricing algorithm. However, the mountain railroad always has complete control and can independently override the prices at any time. The Pricenow Pricing Engine calculates prices that better take into account customer behavior as well as demand patterns and can thus provide optimal incentives. However, the pricing project does not only include the introduction of dynamic pricing, but also a comprehensive price optimization, which was developed together with La Clusaz.

«With the launch of the new pricing strategy in collaboration with Pricenow, we aim to leverage the latest technological innovations to offer a wider range of prices, giving our customers more choice. We will also be able to respond faster and accelerate our digitalization process. Innovation is in SATELC's DNA. The current crisis reinforces our belief that digitalization and the use of more advanced technological tools is and will be necessary. Our collaboration with Pricenow was an easy decision: they are convincing in their approach and take into account all factors for optimal pricing. This is also reinforced by their proven know-how with key players in the mountain railway industry.» Jean-Christophe Hoff, Director of SATELC

The experience already gained with successful dynamic pricing projects in Switzerland show that this pricing strategy is beneficial for both customers and the ski resort: while customers can benefit from more differentiated pricing, the ski resort can strengthen its digitalization process and attract more customer groups by offering a wider range of different prices. Overall, the results of the last winter season show that ski resorts with dynamic pricing have increased sales between 5% and 15%.

«We are delighted about this exciting collaboration: La Clusaz is one of the most important resorts in France with a first-class reputation and image. We look forward to supporting La Clusaz with an optimal pricing strategy and digital tools for the next winter season..» Julien Harnal, Market Manager France, Pricenow

The article "Tarification : La Clusaz suit la dynamique !" appeared in Montagne Leaders on September 24, 2020: Read full article (French)

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