Dynamic Pricing meets Dynamic E-Marketing

July 7, 2020
Integration of the solutions from Pricenow and Wilken for better and more individual guest communication.

Through a close cooperation, the Pricenow AG, Reichenbach i.K. BE, and the Wilken Software Group, Arbon TG, will support tourism companies and destinations in their efforts to retain existing guests, attract new ones and thus sustainably increase revenues through even more individual communication. Basis for this is the integration of the Dynamic Pricing in the Pricenow web-shop and the holistic Data Analysis of Pricenow with the Wilken E-Marketing Suite and the guest card solutions based on the Wilken SmartCard. The information from the web shop can be used to profile the individual end customers even better and to provide them with targeted information and offers in which they are actually interested.

«After the Corona lockdown, tourism is facing the great challenge of reviving existing relationships with guests and building new ones. We can effectively support companies and destinations by linking existing, previously separate data pools with each other and thus ensure end-to-end digitalization in guest communication.» Reto Trachsel, CEO, Pricenow AG, and Davide Savoldelli, CEO, Wilken AG

With Dynamic Pricing, companies can better segment their customers in the webshop and thus increase the average prices realized. Dynamic Pricing also provides strong incentives for early booking behaviour, which substantially reduces the operational risk. Pricenow's fully automated Dynamic Pricing software is coupled with the Pricenow Business Intelligence Dashboard, which provides daily key figures for data-based decision making.

The marketing CRM system Wilken E-Marketing Suite supports target group-specific communication with customers and guests. Based on the behavioral patterns, the system individualizes the contents to be communicated for each recipient. Thus the guest receives only relevant information and feels personally addressed. Guest card systems based on the Wilken SmartCard can then be used to give guests access to various offers on site or to put together all-inclusive packages. This can also be done individually, the corresponding billing for the respective service providers is also integrated.

By linking the Pricenow Webshop and Data Analytic Services with Wilken E-Marketing Suite and the guest card solutions, users will benefit from an additional added value in the future: the professional expertise of both service providers can be used through an integrated solution. Through the seamless connection of the webshop and the CRM system, the database generated within the booking process can be automatically integrated into a targeted guest communication. A central success factor for tourism companies in the digital age.

About the Wilken Software Group

Since 1977, the Wilken Software Group, headquartered in Ulm, Germany, has been developing its own ERP standard software for mapping core business processes - whether in finance and accounting, materials management or corporate management. With around 620 employees at seven locations in Germany, Switzerland and Spain, Wilken combines standard software and individual programming into a solution portfolio for medium-sized and large companies. Additionally, Wilken offers industry solutions for the utilities, social and tourism industry, health & insurance, churches and finance & ERP.

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