New webshop version for mountain railways goes online

October 23, 2019
With the start of the coming winter season, we launched our Pricenow Webshop on 16th of october 2019 with a brand new version 2.0!

Our web shop has been optimised based on the experiences of the last winter season and is therefore even better adapted to the special needs of our mountain railway customers.

Bellwald Sportbahnen AG is one of the first customers who have been using the new webshop version since last week and is enthusiastic about the new functionalities. Already last winter season 2018/2019 the Pricenow Webshop was implemented for this mountain railway and could achieve pleasing results. The online share of total winter sales of 27%, which was 0% before the launch, was particularly significant. And all this without additional marketing activities.

«This change in the online share from 0% to 27% proves that customers are willing to book their skiing experience quickly, easily and conveniently via mobile phone, tablet or PC» David Wyssen, CEO  Bellwald Sportbahnen AG

This success was certainly not only due to the user-friendliness and visual appearance of the web shop, but also to the dynamic pricing model, which is encouraging more and more customers to buy early.

«For this reason, when developing webshop version 2.0, we once again attached particular importance to optimising the functionalities of the webshop, especially from a pricing perspective. New calendar functions, for example, as well as the introduction of additional product categories, which will offer ski customers a more attractive range of ticket categories» Reto Trachsel, CEO Pricenow AG

In order to better cover the entire value chain of a mountain railway, the range of functions of the web shop has also been considerably expanded. In the future not only ski tickets, but also sledge tickets, individual mountain railways rides as well as restaurant bookings or events can be easily sold via the Pricenow webshop. It is interesting, that all webshop modules can now be operated with our pricing engine, which allows the mountain railway to take new paths in price setting and to optimize the overall yield.

From experiences of last season, it was also observed, that the Print@Home option is a popular option, to buy a ski ticket firstly at home and print it out or load it onto a smartphone. In order to simplify the operation for the customers at the counter of the mountain railways we integrated together with our cooperation partner SKIDATA the SKIDATA pick-up-system at our webshop. This enables the mountain railways to validate Print@Home tickets at the counter in a matter of seconds and load them onto a Keycard – without breaks in the accounting system and fully integrated. As in the previous season, ski tickets can still be conveniently loaded onto a SKIDATA keycard or a SwissPass. Annoying queuing at the counter will therefore be obsolete through our Pricenow webshop and there will definitely be more time in the coming winter season to enjoy the slopes.

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